BioJulia dependencies and JuliaRegistrator

GenomicVectors.jl is registered with the main julia registry. I’ve added XAM.jl as a dependency. When I try to register a new version of GenomicVectors.jl, the JuliaRegistrator complains that it can’t find XAM.jl. Is there a trick for dependencies in multiple registries? Is the answer to register with BioJuliaRegistry instead? If so, does BioJuliaRegistry have something like a second tier where GenomicVectors wouldn’t clutter up the official list of packages?

Or is the answer that XAM.jl is new and the main julia registry will learn about it in due time?

I saw the trick for making Travis aware of BIoJuliaRegistry, which works great. I was hoping there was a similar trick for BioJuliaRegistry.

I would not worry about this. You are welcome to register in the BioJulia registry, and don’t need to be a second class (or tier) package. It’s a loose federation; very little is “official.”

I don’t know the answer, but I suspect that this will not happen. It’s not reasonable for us to ask the maintainers of General to support all of the other registries that might pop up. It’s unfortunate, since it means that anything depending on a BioJulia package would need to register with BioJulia, or else maintain a fork of the dependencies that’s registered in General. But, other than some growing pains figuring out how to get the same automation in place as General, it’s not so bad.

Indeed, since the BioJulia people have forked off their packages to another registry, any package that wishes to be registered in General can not depend on a BioJulia package. Might be worth thinking about before taking on such a dependency.

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Great, thanks for the info. I’ll probably register GenomicVectors.jl with BioJulia then.

Yes, thanks, it will be good to keep this in mind. For my bits of julia that are useful outside of biology, I’ll be sure to have just JuliaRegistry dependencies. I have just one (public) package of each type, so easy enough for now.