BinDeps not working on v0.6

As v0.6 release beta gets closer and closer, I’ve been trying to make sure that the packages we use work in v0.6.
Trying to build ICU.jl fails in v0.6 (and gets lots of deprecation warnings) because of BinDeps.jl.

I see many of this warning:

WARNING: Array{T}(::Type{T}, m::Int) is deprecated, use Array{T}(m) instead.

and it fails due to this:

LoadError: type String has no field data
Use Vector{UInt8}(str) instead.

Is there some new recommended way of handling binary dependencies instead of BinDeps.jl?

BinDeps had its Array deprecations fixed in its most recent tag, and doesn’t use .data. Those errors are much more likely coming from ICU.jl itself.

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OK, thanks!
Doing Pkg.checkout("BinDeps") got rid of the deprecation warnings, and it turned out that the other problem was fixed by Pkg.checkout("LegacyStrings").
I’d already fixed my own branch of ICU.jl itself a while ago not to use .data, waiting for Jeff’s change to be merged.
( is pretty moribund, nothing has been reviewed or merged in almost a year and a half).