BinaryBuilder with multiple deps

I am using BinaryBuilder to build my own shared library for MAGMA (, but I cannot find sufficient examples of how can one correctly setup the dependencies with BinaryBuilder.run_wizard, especially in my case that we have to provide many different libs before install MAGMA, such as CUDA, MKL, OpenBLAS and so on…

I used to try adding other’s BB repo for OpenBLAS as one of the dependencies in the wizard but it failed. I am wondering maybe I misunderstood the process of how BB works actually…

If I have understood the philosophy correctly: every binary dependency is a tar.gz file. Thus, probably you will need to use BinaryBuilder.jl process to your dependencies.

Maybe Julia includes OpenBlass, see

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Oh thank you so much! Following your instructions I have found some available tar.gz files of OpenBLAS.

I will continue updating my process of building the BB for MAGMA.

The wizard usuall asks you about binary dependencies, where you can add a link to the corresponding *.jl file.

See for example
At the end there are the dependencies (in this case OpenBLAS).