BinaryBuilder.jl wizard -- No binary artifacts?

I’m trying to create binaries for the fastcluster library, which I would like to then wrap with a wrapper that I’ve written. Unfortunately, I cannot get the wizard to find the shared library that’s the output from make and make install (but it’s there, really, and I can ccall() it on my OSX and Windows machines): I keep getting “The build has produced no binary artifacts”. I’ve tried using a manually written Makefile (the build is really trivial), and using autoconf, always with the same outcome. What am I doing wrong?

My makefile is this:

LDFLAGS = -lm fastcluster.o
	$(CC) -shared -fPIC -o fastcluster.o -lstdc++ $(LDFLAGS)

fastcluster.o: src/fastcluster.cpp
	$(CC) -fPIC -c src/fastcluster.cpp -o fastcluster.o

.PHONY: install
	mkdir -p lib
	mv lib/

.PHONY: clean
	rm -f fastcluster.o

and the build process is just make and make install, or, when using autoconf, the standard configure before that.

I’ve noticed, but believe that this is different since it happens also when I install the output library in the /bin subfolder.

Thanks for any help.

The artifacts are expected to be in the $prefix directory. The install rule should copy the files there.

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Thank you, that was exactly the piece of information that I was missing.