BinaryBuilder - does it work with ARM architectures?

I have a new Nvidia Jetson board which is ARM aarch64 architecture. So far so good.
It runs the downloadable Julia ARM version and also I Can compile 1.2-dev from master and it runs.
I am working on getting VideoIO installed so I can get images from the camera.
I installed the VideoIO branch which uses BinaryBuilder

I get an error which says aarch64 is not supported
Is this correct - I suspect I did something stupid though.

BinaryBuilder does support aarch64, it’s VideoIO.jl that doesn’t support it:

The aarch64 line is commented, because there is no binary for that architecture here:

I’m looking forward seeing it again next week!

I am able to install ffmpeg on the system using apt-get.
I really am suspecting that VideoIO is too closely ties to particular versions of ffmpeg.
I have been trying to work with this package for a long time .
It should be easy to use a laptop camera of a Raspberry Pi camera to grab a single image - which can then be used in an image recognition application.

I have to ask - what ARE people working in that field doing? DO they use separate Python apps for instance to capture images and write them to files which are then read by a separate Julia program?

Well, the point of BinaryBuilder/BinaryProvider is to use exclusively the provide pre-built binaries. The problem is when there isn’t a BinaryBuilder’ed package, like in this case. Tying a wrapper to a particular version helps maintainability and reproducibility