Better DOY Conversion?

Is there an easy way of converting a DateTime to a string with Day Of Year (DOY)?

julia> time = DateTime(2017,5,16,14,20)
julia> floor(convert(Float64,time - DateTime(Dates.Year(time)) + DateTime(Dates.Day(1)))/1000/60/60/24)

Ideally I could just do something like this.

julia> dfmt = Dates.DateFormat("yyyyddd_HHMMSS")
julia> Dates.format(time,dfmt)

Dates doesn’t appear to have a DOY formatting string though.

julia> time = DateTime(2017,5,16,14,20)
julia> Dates.dayofyear(time)

It would be good if there was a format string option, though.

No idea how I missed that one but thank you for pointing that out. If I ever figure out Github I’ll see if I can add a DOY option to the formats.

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You could start by opening an issue :thumbsup: