Best way to wrap a Julia package for use by those that can't code?

This might be a bit elaborate, but since you are on Windows, you can use Juliawin, as it comes bundled with a pluto runner. I have recently added an executable open-with-julia-or-pluto.exe that can be used for .jl file association: it will either run a file using pluto.exe in the case where it finds the file to have a pluto header, otherwise julia.exe

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With only 6 users, I would design the julia program to ask which user the operator is.

You can manually have different directories on the Network drive for each user


Just ask each user to put their files into their respective input directories and run the julia program. The Julia program can then ask them who they are.

Cool, what is the method for updating Julia with Juliawin?

Also, can you elaborate on how open-with-julia-or-pluto.exe works? Do you double-click that executable and then choose a file, or does it make double clicking any .jl file execute?

Interesting idea, but I don’t think it would work well for my use case. I would then need the users to name their files consistently, so I know which file is which inside the directory. (The content of several of the files look similar.) That again would require external documentation and be another potential source of user problems. Plus, then the user has to move data in and out of the proper network location rather than working on them in place. I do appreciate the suggestion though.