Best way to deregister cam2d selection zoom? GLMakie - solved

how do I deregister the rectangle selection zoom for cam2d? xzoomlock and yzoomlock don’t work. I can stop it from zooming if I do




but that disables the whole process_event.

I found where it is happening in selection_rect!()

if drag == Mouse.up && waspressed[]
                waspressed[] = false
                r = absrect(rect[])
                w, h = widths(r)
                if w > 0.0 && h > 0.0
                    **update_cam!(scene, cam, r)**
                rect[] = FRect(NaN, NaN, NaN, NaN)
                rect_vis[1] = rect[]

but if I define a new function with it removed it doesn’t work, so maybe I’m missing an initialization of an event or something.

The rectangle selection is great and I want to use the selection, but no zoom.

EDIT: ffreyer found the answer which is to use select_rectangle instead. Here’s a link to the function: AbstractPlotting.jl/interactive_api.jl at f30013722eb1896062ef73e80831f71404fedffa · JuliaPlots/AbstractPlotting.jl · GitHub