Base Method for isless on arrays or matrices


I was wondering if there is a method which compares each element of an array or matrix with another array or matrix or constant. I searched in methods(<), but I didn´t find anything.

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In Julia most functions are defined on the “element” level, and you use broadcasting to apply them elementwise on arrays. For example:

julia> x = [1, 2, 3, 4];

julia> x .< 2
4-element BitArray{1}:

I know now, that it is possible to convert a and b with convert.(Bool, a) and then use c = a .& b.
Is there another maybe better way?

Thanks. I also came across it a few minutes ago, but I doesn´t know how to discard a post. But now I´m facing another similar problem. I would like to use the logical and function on i.e. to arrays:
a = [ 1 0 0 1]
b = [ 1 0 0 0]
c = a .&& b

I expect c to be [1 0 0 0].

Is there a method, which I can use for it?

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Yes, your .& solution looks good!