`Base.max(::Int, ::Int) = nothing` crashes Julia

I did Base.max(::Int, ::Int) = nothing and it crashed Julia. Is this expected behavior or should it be reported?

This is a potential consequence of committing type piracy - you’ve ended up overwriting a method that’s used by julia internally, causing an error that’s fatal. You get a similar result if you redefine Base.+(::Int, ::Int). The crash here is expected.


It’s also documented in the style guide that type piracy “can crash Julia”.


What are you trying to do?

Just trying to understand what’s going on. I’m happ with “piracy can crash” as a answer. I was guessing that Julia was using the function internally. So good to have that confirmed. Thanks.

Why would you ever want to do this, though?

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I don’t want to, at least not with max. I was just fooling around. I found it surprising that Julia crashed as soon as I defined it, without me even calling it, which is what prompted this post. That does not happen with, say, Base.read(::String) = true.

It depends on what code is used by the REPL and the runtime. You can think of it as sawing off a random branch from a tree. If you happen to be sitting on it you crash.