Bar plot with different baseline for each bar?

using Plots; bar(1:4) gets you 4 bars, each with their “base” at y = 0, and the $i$th bar has height i. Schematically, that’s

        |x| |x| 
    |x| |x| |x| 
|x| |x| |x| |x|

Is there a simple way to change the location of the “base” of the bar, too? For example, to produce a barplot like

        |x| |x|
    |x| |x| 
|x| |x|


One way using post-processing:

using Plots
n = 4
p = bar(1:n)
for i in 1:n
    p.series_list[1][:y][6*i-5:min(6*i,6*n-1)] .+= 0.5*(i-1)
plot(p, ylims=(-0.1, 6))

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using the transparency parameter

using StatsPlots

groupedbar([[1:4...] [0.3:0.5:1.8...]],
            bar_position = :stack,
            alpha=[1 0],
            legend = false)
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There is an example for that in the documentation Bar plot customizations · Plots


Hi Simon, if I am not mistaken the plot argument fillto moves the baseline but not the topline. This means that the bars get truncated or extended, but not really shifted up or down. For example, compare bar(1:4, fillto = 0:0.5:1.5) with bar(1:4)