Averaging multiple runs using Gillepsie.jl

I am continuing with my experiments with the SIR model. I would like to average the results from multiple runs using the ssa function in Gillepsie.jl. This is not straightforward since jumps are used, which are stochastic. Is tehre an easy way to accomplish this?

One way would be to use a package that bins the results into a fixed number of bins, which would permit averaging the multiple solutions. I know of various binning options if one has a single array. I want to bin all the columns of a database according to the first column, which are the time stamps (a float). Any suggestions?

Next, I will try to use DifferentialEquations.jl directly using the Jump package (which is not as elegant as Gillepsie in terms of problem set up, IMHO). I plan to run more complex models at a later time. I assume that the JumpProblem solvers have time interpolation built in so that I can interpolate the solution onto a fixed time discretization prior to averaging?