Available Tables.jl implementations

Do we have a list of all implementations of Tables.jl in the ecosystem?

The README file in Tables.jl points to integrations, but those are not necessarily table types. Do you know any other implementation besides the following list?

  • DataFrames.jl
  • IndexedTables.jl
  • JuliaDB.jl

Is IndexedTables.jl == JuliaDB.jl?


do these implement Tables.jl? Not sure. I thought they didn’t.

It might be easier if you look at juliahub and go thru the list of dependents https://juliahub.com/ui/Packages/Tables/Z804B/1.0.5?t=2

I think yes (and JuliaDB uses IndexedTables)

I implement it in the JSONLines library

But that would show up in the reverse dependencies for Tables.jl. The tricky part is that some datastructures are automatically Tables.jl compatible. I think it needs to be iterable and have a common columnindex for each row. E.g. a vector of JSON3.Objects is compatible.

Incidentally, I just updated the list and cleaned up the script a bit.

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Though currently a WIP https://github.com/yeesian/ArchGDAL.jl/pull/118 can be added too?