Automatic creation of log of package updates

Recently I updated Julia packages and this led to Julia scripts throwing warnings or error messages which were running fine earlier. When carrying out the update I did notice that a few packages were updated but did not keep a manual record of that. I had to raise queries in this forum to get resolution to the issues. I did get help from the Julia community here for which I am grateful to the people here. I presume many people go through this experience occasionally and struggle to understand which might have caused the problem. An there is no way to know the previously installed version of packages updated. Like me they also raise queries on this forum for resolution of the issues. This does not seem effective utilization of time and effort so I have a proposal for Julia developers.

Proposal - Whenever a Julia package update happens, an automatic historical log file of package updates gets created/updated so that a user knows immediately which packages might have caused the issue, if any. Of course, a user can manually copy the status of julia packages to a text file before carrying out the update for post update comparison but if this process can happen automatically it will help resolve the issue at user end by reverting the individual updates to previous one and verifying the issue.

I am not sure if this type of utility or solution already exists and if so, please help me guide to that utility or solution.

I requested to add post-add hook to Pkg.jl If we had it and a similar post-update hook, creating a history of Project.toml and Manifest.toml would be possible by an external library.