Auto docs in documenter.jl

How to use the @autodocs from Documenter.jl - I had seen the documentation but I can not grasp in which place of which files I need to do this ; till now I documented all functions using normal “”" “”" above each function and module and when I tried to generate docs with makedocs I got Error as below

These are docstrings in the checked modules (configured with the modules keyword)
that are not included in @docs or @autodocs blocks. (above list of all funcions I have)

Hey @Jakub_Mitura,
The place where you need to include @autodocs blocks is in the markdown files within the docs/src folder. There is at least an, but you can add lots of other files, as long as you specify them in make.jl.
The error you get is probably due to your autodocs blocks not including every docstring you wrote. This can safely be ignored, but of course it is best to check whether you include the docstrings of every single file. Usually, when this happens to me, it is because I forgot a few files.