Auto cxxwrap generator like autopybind11

Is there something like autopybind11 / autopybind11 · GitLab where you define a simple config file and it generates all the code needed for wrapping for you?

I just found GitHub - grasph/wrapit: Automatization of C++--Julia wrapper generation , which says template support is incomplete.

I haven’t used it myself, but this package is most common for this use case, I believe.

At a high-level there are other packages, e.g.

I’ve seen a YouTube video explaining it, it seemed like the easiest option to call C++ (or so explained). Thus my doc PR:

CxxCall (and CxxInterface I believe too) is newer than CxxWrap, which is though the most common solution.

Whatever is the best solution, I would want to know, then you could suggest at my yet un-merged PR.