Associate professor position in TCS (deadline: April 1, 2022)

The Computer Science Institute of the University of Tartu, Estonia, is looking to hire an associate professor.

The position is in Theoretical Computer Science — i.e., proving theorems — in a broad sense. An applicant with a record of turning her/his own theorems into modern computer code (Julia!) will find her-/himself at an advantage: Connecting theory with practice is important in UTartu CS.


At least(!) €2700 after tax (= 2.25 ⨉ Estonian average net income), depending on qualification (see above).

  • PhD.
  • Teaching; supervision of master’s or PhD students.
  • Strong publication record.
  • Success in applying for research funding (or establishing cooperations with industry).

Language is English!

About the employer

The Institute of Computer Science of the University of Tartu is home to a diverse, international, multi-cultural community, including faculty and PhD students from all over the world.

The deadline is April 1.