Asking unashamedly for help with web page

Been studying Julia for over a year now. Purchased several books (a couple of them rather expensive for me!). Still don’t have as good a grasp as I feel I need. So, I’m going to, unashamedly, ask for help in a way that I think will help me understand. Hope this will help me in several ways.
I have an immediate need to make a simple web page and even after all these years, I’ve successfully avoided that until now. I’ve read over the web page project on one of the expensive books and still not sinking in. Can you guys help me make this, please?
I need to setup a page (or pages) that simply throw up some personal stuff I have for sale, and let the user click on anything he’s interested in. Then, that thumbnail expands on the screen and if he like what he sees, he can download that pic (or a zip of the pic) to study at their leisure. There are a dozen or so pics. I’m hoping I can put those pics in their own subdirectory, one that the user cannot go higher in the tree (but can drill down lower (later revision?)). They can’t be allowed to change or delete anything on my little computer, either. :slight_smile: Is this asking too much?


Sounds like a static website that you can set up with Franklin.jl. The documentation is really good and will take you from creation to deployment.

Of course you don’t have to do it with Julia: plain GitHub Pages might be enough.