Array types question

From the REPL:
julia> fubar = [1 2 3]

1×3 Array{Int64,2}:

1 2 3

julia> typeof(fubar)


Q: Where did Array{Int64,2) come from?

Thanx … Charlie

What part of Array{Int64, 2} are you wondering about?

  • Array is the builtin array type that’s constructed with the [] syntax. It has two parameters:
    • Int64 is the type of its elements — everything you put inside the [] were integers
    • 2 is the number of dimensions. You used space delimiters which does horizontal concatenation and thus creates a 1-row matrix. If you separated the integers with commas, then you’d get a 1-dimensional vector instead.

It was the 2; I knew about the Int64. I expected a 1 because it was one dimensional.
Thanx for the explanation … Charlie