Arguments over a topic title rename


I am ok with updating the title of posts but really shouldn’t it happen in a more democratic way?

The previous one had nothing to do with the contents of the post. I just made it relevant for search.

I think the topic is broader than just limit/skipto, I agree the current conversations are in that direction.

I understand that you are attempting to use inflammatory remarks to get more attention to your posts but with 50,000 downloads the package in the last 3 months there is no substantive value to your claim so it is worth ignoring and moving on to the actual solvable technical matters. I do not plan to waste any more time on that topic. Now lets please ignore these last 3 posts and keep to a real technical discussion.


@ChrisRackauckas Actually your remark makes my post more relevant, 50,000 downloads and for a real problem I encounter two issues in a single day. Just don’t presume you are right and put a small chance you may be wrong.

Let’s be clear. Your title was something about how many people use CSV.jl. Your post had nothing to do with that. You did not post user statistics. You did not post GitHub download numbers, numbers of blog posts over time on CSV.jl, star count over time, or anything along the topic of how many people are using CSV.jl. I clicked on the topic because I thought that was interesting. When I saw that the title was just clickbait, I fixed it so other people interested in package statistics would not be mislead.

Your post is about specific keyword arguments and making it have a correct title will help you get people who know about this package’s arguments and documentation to help you. Derailing conversations and stalling actions which try and help guide knowledgeable people towards a topic is counter productive to what this forum does: help people get programming questions solved. Discourse does not have a voting system in their forums, feel free to go raise an issue with them to add the feature, but for now I just hope to guide helpful readers towards this post.

Thank you for the pleasant conversation but as someone who does not work in this area I do not plan to contribute more as the only reason why I was drawn here was an incorrect title.


The title is very general (and surely not even serious wording) " I am convinced that no one is using julia for data science :D" and relating it to package statistics or even CSV.jl is your assumption. If you are not interested in a topic just leave it don’t mess with it.

@xinchin: We allow all regulars to help recategorize and rename topics because this organization forms a part of our shared infrastructure. If you have a complaint about such a rename or re-categorization you can flag for moderator intervention… but in this case, as a moderator, I fully support this rename. Arguing about it just distracts from the core issue, so I’ll split this discussion out.

I fully understand the frustration, but incendiary statements like the former title (even if you intend them as sarcastic/exaggerated/not-serious) don’t make for productive conversation and so we try to steer discussions away from such tar pits.