Argument Passing Problem in Julia Version 0.6.0



I faced a strange problem. My code is working well in Julia Version 0.5.2 but facing problem in Julia 0.6.0. For sake of simplicity, I am giving small code mentioned below:
function s(x)
for i=1:x
return A1,B1
It is working well. If I am using the same logic for large problem then I am getting few issues. Function is generating few AbstractString[] and returning it to few variables. Within the function length of the AbstractString[] >0 . If we modify the stated function further as T,S=function!(arg1,arg2,…;t1=t1) where t1=false then we got T and S as empty AbstractString[]. The code and logic is Ok and working for Julia 0.5.2 but not for 0.6.0.Why T and S empty?


It’s unclear what you are actualy asking about. Your simplified code works just fine and you didn’t say what’s function!, t1, arg1, arg2.

FWIW, the B1=AbstractString[] line is doing nothing good.


Ok. In layman word, t,x=s(2)
We will get value of t and x as per the logic of s(x). If we use isimmutable(s) then you will get true. if we use pointer_from_objref(s) then we will get void pointer. Question arises about the approach Julia version is using to return value to any variable. If t,x=s(2) then first array of AbstractString assigned by s to t should be by Ref. For some reason entire logic of the function can’t be given.


How are these related at all?

s never assign anything to t the caller assigns it.

What logic?