ArgParse not working with JUNO ARGS setting

Hi All
I’m new to Julia and JUNO IDE. Writing a script using ArgParse package. The script works ok in batch mode. However when try to run the script in JUNO it behaves oddly.


function parse_commandline()
    s = ArgParseSettings()
    @add_arg_table s begin
            help = "Input pv data file"
            arg_type = String
            default = "data.csv"
    return parse_args(ARGS,s)
pa = parse_commandline()

Julia foo.jl -i data.csv
will output "data.csv"

However with JUNO, when I set “-i data.csv” under Packages->Julia->Settings->Arguments, and then run in JUNO via Ctril-Shift-Enter, The script will print out " data.csv", with an extra space in front of the data.csv