Are there efforts to improve ChatGPT for Julia code?

@logankilpatrick is your work towards a ChatGPT extension for Julia? I seems that this would be the logical thing to do.

Personally I would love access to a Julia tuned ChatGPT model within VSCode similar to CODEGPT.

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I really think a partnership with Tabnine could be a way forward here. I use Tabnine and really, really enjoy it. You can see the Tabnine CEO discuss their product versus Copilot, but the Tl;Dr is that Tabnine specializes in honing smaller, more efficient models to a specific language or even an organization’s internal repositories. What you get from Tabnine is shorter, faster spawning suggestions that update as you type in a way that feels more like a natural extention of autocomplete instead of Copilot’s “let me write that whole function based on a comment” magic.

I think it is the perfect approach for a language like Julia. I approached them about training a Julia model, but they said that their primary business model is B2B enterprise contracts, so we’d need to get JuliaHub or maybe some companies that use Julia to contact them about the desire for a Julia code AI.

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Did not look into it, but it may also avoid to transfer all your code to MS. I wonder If all the copilot users realize that they give up all privacy on their code…

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It does, yes! In fact, you can choose to run the model on your local machine, if you need the security. And enterprise clients can choose to run their specialized model on their own servers.