Appropriate channel to report "nightly" CI failures

My packages have a Github CI (set up by PkgTemplates) that tests against “nightly” Julia. Today, I started seeing some segfault failures, e.g. Calculate control derivatives in advance · JuliaQuantumControl/Krotov.jl@1b3eacc · GitHub.

I’m just wondering where or if to report something like that. Based on the log, I have very little to say beyond “this stopped working”, but it might actually point to a bug in the current nightly version, or it could be just a hiccup in the CI (I did get the same segfault in multiple runs/projects, though). Do I open an issue on Github? Post a message here or on Slack? Ignore it and hope it goes away?

Incidentally, is there a way to ignore the “nightly” failure? I’ve seen the discussion at Easy workflow file for setting up GitHub Actions CI for your Julia package - #74 by Tamas_Papp, but that seems inconclusive. Are there any recent developments with someone figuring out how to allow failures?

My rule of thumb here is that anytime Julia seqfaults on nightly that is something that should be reported to Issues · JuliaLang/julia · GitHub

Looking at your log it is indeed a segmentation fault. Could you open an issue? (and it would be much appreciated if you are able to reduce it to as minimal as possible example or could catch it with Julia 1.5 Feature Preview: Time Traveling (Linux) Bug Reporting)

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