Apply colorscheme palette by classes

I am using a statsplot and I want to use the palette parameter to give every run of an measurement a different color as an classifier. Which works. But Instead to use the colors of the space for all measurements, the viridiscolorscheme does repeat itself.
On the other hand when I apply :viridis without cgrad It only changes the colors slightly.

The dataframe consists of runs 0…12, temperatures T1 21 to about 70 °C and time arelinux system timestamps.

@df static_df plot(:time, [:T1 ], group = Int.( .+ 1, legend = :topright,
        xlabel = "time ∖s", ylabel = L"\vartheta  ∖°C",
        title = "Heating Curves", lw = 4, fmt = :png,
        palette=cgrad(:viridis, rev=true, categorical = true),)