Anyone fetching UUIDs using LibPQ.jl?

I’m introducing support for parsing UUIDs from PostgreSQL in LibPQ.jl and I would like to know if anyone would be negatively impacted by setting UUID as the default type for the PostgreSQL uuid type. This means that if you select a uuid from PostgreSQL you might get a Julia UUID where you previously got a String.

In general, how do you feel about LibPQ.jl minor versions adding types such that what used to default to String now defaults to a specific Julia type? In this case UUID is built into Base and exported by the UUIDs stdlib, but does your answer change if LibPQ.jl returns a type from a particular package?

There are also some cases like Decimal where I think everyone would be happy if we switched to a different numeric type, but I’m not sure whether people would want a major version bump for something like that.

I’m using LibPQ.jl, and I approve of this change! :slight_smile:

I think this makes sense for base packages like from UUIDs or Dates, but I’m not so sure about third-party packages. Is there something specific you have in mind?

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Nothing specific in the works for third-party replacements. Decimal and ZonedDateTime for decimal/numeric and timestamptz are types we might want to replace in the future since they cause some headaches as-is.