Anyone developing anything for Julia regarding SPH?

Where SPH, stands for Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics.

Does anyone happen to have a special interest in the field or done something in Julia regarding this methodology?

Kind regards

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Rly nobody?


I have some scrap code for doing 2-D SPH. Not really production ready but made for some fun animations(Fun Animations)


Haha, was a bit fun to see my thread from 2019 revived at this time :slight_smile:

Happy to see a bit more people being interested, perhaps the future is bright for SPH!

Kind regards

I am very interested in SPH for Julia. Not quite enough to actually implement something, but plenty interested to try something out and provide feedback.

I found not Julia software for SPH: SPlisHSPlasH (but very impressive)
If somebody makes Julia interface for it - it will be great.


We have done some basic 2D and 3D Weakly Compressible SPH ( in Julia, mainly mixing it with deep learning and differentiable programming as a proof of concept ([2110.13311] Physics informed machine learning with Smoothed particle hydrodynamics: Hierarchy of reduced Lagrangian models of turbulence). We will have some updates to this shortly where we fit a hierarchy of SPH informed ML models to Lagrangian DNS data and compare how adding the SPH structure effects generalizablity. Later I would like to extend this basic WCSPH to a fully compressible/learnable SPH turbulence model.


Some other projects and examples: