Any package to make quizzes for students?

Which are the options to make simple multiple-choices quizzes in Julia?
In particular the focus is not on evaluating the students but just in providing interaction, so it doesn’t matter if the answer can be easily retrieved with some simple hack.
I am using now the Moodle quizzes, but they stuck on providing Markdown formatting for the code, and I am thinking either to an independent full-Julia consol based solution or a plugin to Documenter for javascript-based quizzes ?
Any idea? I am aware of Pluto, but it is not the system I want to deploy, and further writing each individual question in Pluto is pretty time consuming.


Still looking… it would be super if there is a way to add to Literate.jl or Documenter.jl a way to make an online, simple javascript-based quiz (e.g. nothing server-side stored).
Hmm… maybe the simplest option nothing-computed just hide/display cold be done already in markdown plus some style sheets modifications, but it would be nice to have it a bit more interactive, like computing the quiz grade…

A bit tangential, but in generating quiz questions, GitHub - fkastner/NiceNumbers.jl: The nicest numbers in Julia. might come in handy


Here is a hacked together .jmd file that can be weaved to create what I think you want (a stand alone HTML file to post) with a fairly simple syntax. The first julia cell, which is the bulk of the file, could be put in a package, but I’ll let you do that. It gives you two types of questions: numericq and radioq for numeric and 1 of several choice questions, though not multiple choice questions (0,1, or more of many) which could be added in a similar way.

After that are a few examples of usage.

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I am trying to integrate your file with Documenter rather than Wave, but no success for now…

Okay, I think this modification does what you want: quiz + Documenter · GitHub

Let me know if not. (There was a small bug in the other file that came up in a code clean up.)


Super… exactly what I was looking for… thanks!

In case it is of use, I cleaned this up and packaged it. Should be available in a few days (GitHub - jverzani/QuizQuestions.jl).


Thanks. When it is ready, be sure to get it listed in the “related packages” of the [Documenter.jl(GitHub - JuliaDocs/Documenter.jl: A documentation generator for Julia.) home page…