Any package implementing Savitzky-Golay filters or related?


Hello everyone,

I’m not sure this is the correct category, so feel free to put it elsewhere.

I’m looking for a Julia package that implements a Savitzky-Golay filter or similar.
I have FTIR spectroscopic data from which I would like remove the noise to some extend.
I found the Spectra.jl package but I cannot use it due to a problem with Ipopt.

Is there any other package that implements this?

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It’s been a while since I’ve reached for this, but a few years ago when I needed one I found one in the un-registered QLab.jl:

Jiahao then found it an interesting pedagogical case for a demonstration of the then-new @generated (nee stagedfunction) functionality and wrote up a tutorial:

Not sure if there’s any more recent work, but at least that’s a starting point.


Thanks a lot for your quick answer!
The implementation from Qlab did the job.