Any library for syntax highlight of julia code for web sites?



Hello, I use DokuWiki on my website, that in turns use the GeSHi Generic Syntax Highlighter. The problem is that Julia is not supported on that library.
Do you know of syntax highlighting libraries for the web with Julia support ?


I did try pushing this unofficial GeSHi plugin to [DoKuWikl root]/vendor/easybook/geshi/geshi but it’s still not working…


This should work.

Edit: looks like you may have tried that?


Prism has a Julia language definition and works pretty well.


yes, and now I know why it wasn’t working.
Some bug in Geshi engine doesn’t allow multiline comments in the Julia format #= … #= (if you use #=… #= wherever in the page, the whole page is not syntax highlighted… yes, I did try setting ‘COMMENT_MULTI’ => array(’#=’ => ‘=#’), in the Geshi Julia plug-in file).
As Geshi seems pretty a dead project, I would just hope DokuWiki would update its default syntax highlight engine to something more modern (e.g. prism, as suggested by @amellnik) …



highlight.js supports Julia because I wrote the Julia support :wink:.

#7 has Julia support