Any fast database working with Julia?

What fast on-disk database (such as SciDB, MonetDB…) would you suggest to use to work with Julia.
I mean something Julia can easily connect to and able to deal with large datasets.
Being able to work distributed and on Windows systems is a plus.
Or do you just prefer to use feather or HDF5 to store your data?

You can use RCall to use the R MonetDBLite package so you don’t need to install MonetDB. It is fast not because it is on-disk but because it is column based. These lazy evaluation stuffs including feather are not faster than basic data frames. Personally I think HDF5 is a better choice.

Thanks, though I’d prefer something not relying on R.
I’ve also found some projects dealing with some of these databases but they haven’t been updated for 4 years.

If you are looking for a columnar database, consider ClickHouse which supports simple HTTP API.