Any examples of "package directories"

I was reading , and it looks like just what I needed.

If I understand correctly, a “package directory” is a directory of packages, and those “packages” can be as simple as a single Julia file: X.jl is mentioned in the docs. This would allow me to configure a directory of many “packages” without having to have many “Project.toml” files? Do I understand that correctly?

Are there any examples of these package directories. I couldn’t get it to work.

I did get it to work. To be clear, I can do import Foo, where Foo is one of my own modules, and Foo does not have it’s own git repository, nor does it have a related Package.toml.

You just need to modify the LOAD_PATH, and then you can have Foo.jl, or Foo/src/Foo.jl, etc, as described in the documentation I linked in the original post. Those files (Foo.jl, etc) need to be in the LOAD_PATH though.