Any equivalent of Google translate (like in gsheet) for DataFrames?

Hello there,

I’m used to googletranslating cell in google sheet, a solution that works quite well.

I wonder if there is any simple solution that can be used with DataFrames to translate some cell ?

The fact is i need to translate some hebrew to english.
I currently use formula like =GOOGLETRANSLATE(A1, "he", "en")
But this involve constantly shifting cell slices horizontally and vertically, which is very error prone.

A more reproducible research will be appreciated with DataFrames

These are two separate tasks. You need a function that translates a hebrew string into an english string.

Then you can apply it to each of the values in the dataframe using transform.

The GoogleTrans.jl package seems to be broken?

FWIW, the solution posted here does work:

using HTTP, JSON, DataFrames

function gtranslate(text, targetlang, sourcelang = "auto")
    url = "" * sourcelang * "&tl=" * targetlang * "&dt=t&q=" * HTTP.escapeuri(text)
    result = JSON.parse(String(HTTP.request("GET", url).body))
    join([s[1] for s in result[1]], "")

messages = ["Hello Julia." "Thank you for everything"; "You are welcome!" "Bye now"]
df = DataFrame(messages, :auto)

 Row │ x1                x2
   1 │ Hello Julia.      Thank you for everything
   2 │ You are welcome!  Bye now


 Row │ x1                x2
   1 │ Bonjour Julia.    Merci pour tout
   2 │ Je vous en prie!  Et maintenant, au revoir


 Row │ x1            x2
   1 │ שלום ג'וליה.  תודה על הכל
   2 │ בבקשה!        להתראות

Your snippet works for me too. Thanks.

A little remark about coding style concerning

join([s[1] for s in result[1]], "")

I prefer the form

result[1] .|> first |> join

.|> is not known enough (sometimes it right-associates eagerly, then block it with parenthesis or separated exprs)

Thanks anyway. Happy New Year to all

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This seems to be equivalent to the shorter: join(first.(result[1]))

Absolutely. But the shorter form is not the only criteria IMO. I like a balance of concision and readability with context. The pipe conveys a sense of narrowing as used in modern query language for document db, graph db, stylesheet selector etc.
A game changer when refactoring / testing big document

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