[ANN] VerTeX.jl : dynamic collaborative LaTeX nodes

This project is a prototype concept for maintaining a body of research and citations via a computational graph database. The VerTeX typeset scattered graph data rewriter is based on a new graph data format called VerTeX, which parses and generates LaTeX documents from nodes. Current specifications are concerned with how to construct new documents from theorems and definitions using graph data. This enables research collaborators to maintain databases of LaTeX nodes. The VerTeX julia package automatically parses this database of LaTeX nodes to extract citations and references. This system can also generate graph diagrams depicting the inter-relationships and dependencies of definitions, theorems, calculations, references, and results.

For convenience, the vtx> REPL can be used by pressing the , key with commands such as help,vim,pdf,status,dictionary,ranger,preview,search,cd,cdpkg.

Although still a work in progress, this project will be similar to the Julia package manager, but for VerTeX nodes, which can also be implemented in many other languages and interfaces.


The general API is functional out of the box. To use some of the additional terminal user interface features from the REPL, the following unix-like programs are required:

  • vim for editing nodes as LaTeX documents
  • vimtex plugin for vim for compiling and preview
  • latexmk for compiling LaTeX to PDF formats
  • zathura for viewing PDF output
  • ranger for browsing directories

Note this project is of a personal prototype, which I hope will eventually over time become something easy to use for a wide range of people from all backgrounds.

In the near future, I intend on making youtube videos to demonstrate the usage of it.

This public announcement is intended to track the progress and interest in this idea.