[ANN] Schemata.jl v2 New API, new features

Hi all,

Version 2 of Schemata.jl brings some new features and breaking changes, chiefly:

  • diagnose and enforce_schema have been replaced with the simpler compare, which compares a table to its schema.
  • compare handles tables that are too big for RAM, as well as tables that are in memory.
  • compare allows for user-defined parsers, so that data in non-standard formats can be parsed.
  • You can also specify intra-row constraints to test for. For example, you may require that a medical appointment date is after the patient’s birth date.
  • The reporting format has changed for improved clarity.

It’s also pretty fast thanks to the great work @quinnj has done on CSV.jl and Parsers.jl.

Feedback welcome, happy coding!