[ANN + RFF] TernaryPlots.jl - Recipes and tools to construct ternary/simplex plots

Hi all, I am happy to announce that TernaryPlots.jl, a package for recipes and tools for constructing ternary plots, has undergone an overhaul to now use the RecipesBase.jl API. This means that the functions will now be more extendable and more easily maintained among other benefits.

This post is also a request for feedback (RFF). I made the package back in March in order to make plots for a project I was working on and since then many people have said that it would be useful in their work too which inspired me to properly develop and maintain the code. There are a few issues and planned features already in the README.md, but I would also welcome any feedback and feature requests here or as an issue to the package.

Current features include:

  • Conversions between cartesian and ternary co-ordinates
  • Construction of ternary axes

Here is an example output:

If anyone has any advice or recommendations of how to implement heatmaps and contours by leveraging the already made Plots.jl functions (or otherwise) I would highly appreciate it as the package could then stay as close to Plots as possible.


Looks great. This might be good to show to #domain:chemistry too.

If you haven’t seen it, mpltern has a nice write up on the conventions for axis order and directions: Conventions in mpltern — mpltern 0.3.3.post0.dev4 documentation

I love the built-in cart2tern function and the thoughtfulness of users who work in terms of both.