[ANN] ProjectManagement.jl

I am announcing the initial release of ProjectManagement.jl v1.0.0.
It is for project management, in the sense of the processes created for the Polaris Missile Project in the late 50s.
It is basically for working with PERT charts.
It drawns them, computes critical paths, etc.

A particularly cool feature is that it works probablistically.
Rather than working in terms of single number point estimates of how long a task will take, you can provide a distribution.
Classical PERT estimation uses expected = (min + 4*mode + max)/6 as its point estimate.
But this actually defines a PERT-Beta distribution.
So we can use that to do a monte-carlo sampling of all possible durations,
and thus create probability distributions for how long the to toal project will take to complete.

The PERT Chart drawing is really good, it is based on LayeredLayouts.jl, which I am also announcing the release of today..
Getting good PERT chart drawing was hard (NP-Hard infact).

It has a bunch of examples in the docs..
I guess one way to look at it is as a simpler progamatic alternative to something like MS-Project.
But it doesn’t currently incorperate any kind of tracking, nor Gantt charts.
Still it is a nice planning tool.


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I was able to fix my problem. The package works nicely. Thanks!

One question: are you planning on adding Earliest/Latest . Start/Finish times and slacks for the activities. This info is also valuable for project planning.

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I agree those are useful.
I am not at present planning on adding anything in particular to it.

I am not actively enhancing it at this time.
It’s one of several dozen project I maintain basically for “fun”.
Though I use it a bit for work.