[ANN] ProfileSVG v0.1.3

Hi, everyone.

ProfileSVG.jl is a package separated from ProfileView.jl when FlameGraphs.jl was created by @tim.holy.
(cf. [ANN] More flexible & user-friendly profile visualization (ProfileView 0.6))

For that reason, ProfileSVG is a “new” package, but its core code had not been updated for 6 years.
So I took over the maintainer of ProfileSVG from @tim.holy, and slightly modernized the code.

We have multiple tools for the profiling data visualization, now. I am not thinking of introducing any innovative features to ProfileSVG. (Of course, I welcome innovative PRs.) I’m going to maintain Profile SVG as a tool, which can be easily installed.

FWIW, a “careful” comparison of the following two may show the improvements.

I plan to improve the customizability in the next v0.2 series. I’m looking forward to your requests and bug reports.


Thanks, this is my profiliing workhorse.