[ANN] PandasJSON

Here’s a little package for reading and writing tabular data in any of the Pandas JSON formats. It’s not too hard to parse such files yourself but:

  • This integrates with the Tables.jl ecosystem.
  • This handles datetimes for you.
  • This supports many of the same keyword arguments as Pandas, taking away any guesswork.

I wouldn’t particularly recommend using this format ordinarily but sometimes the internet or a colleague only provides data in this form.

A quick snippet from the readme:

julia> using PandasJSON, DataFrames

julia> println(read("example.json", String))

julia> df = PandasJSON.read("example.json", DataFrame)
3×2 DataFrame
 Row │ x      y
     │ Int64  Bool?
   1 │     1     true
   2 │     2    false
   3 │     3  missing