ANN: New release of Cuba.jl

Cuba.jl is package for multidimensional numerical integration, it’s a wrapper around the Cuba library by Thomas Hahn.

A few days ago I tagged a new minor version, v0.4.0, whose most interesting feature is probably full support for vectorization. Cuba library already had support for this feature, but so far Cuba.jl failed to actually implement it. Here is the complete list of changes in this release:

Breaking Changes

  • Now vegas, suave, divonne, and cuhre wrap the 64-bit integers functions. The 32-bit integers functions are no more available. llvegas, llsuave, lldivonne, llcuhre are deprecated and will be removed at some point in the future. This change reduces confusion about the function to use.

New Features

  • Now it is possible to vectorize a function in order to speed up its evaluation (see issue #10 and PR #11).
  • The result of integration is wrapped in an Integral object. This is not a breaking change because its fields can be iterated over like a tuple, exactly as before.