ANN MyWorkflow.jl runs on Binder

Hi, everyone! I’m happy to announce I’ve succeeded to build my repository using Binder and share my work on the internet.

You can try my repository the following link:

Note that you do not have to install julia environment because it runs on remote. You can enjoy Julia on your smart phone, tablet!!!

If you a not familiar with Binder, checkout other topics such as:

If you run my jupyter notebook under MyWorkflow.jl/experiments/notebooks, you may notice the speed of loading of Plots.jl is fast. Indeed, I’ve built a Docker image using PackageCompilerX to compile some Julia packages, which means we can reduce loading time of some heavy pacakges e.g. Plots.jl, PyCall, DataFrames.jl. It will gives us very good Julia life!

My Julia repository MyWorkflow.jl is not only effective but also very simple. it was generated by PkgTemplates.jl first and I just added a Dockerfile, docker-compose.yml, Makefile and some scripts to connect between Julia session (on the Docker container) and Juno (a kind of IDE of Julia based on Atom). This means you can take(or mimic) them from my repository and put to your Julia package or repository under construction. After finished your work, you can share your results as a publicly available web site or jupyter notebook.