[ANN] MsgPack.jl v1.0.0


I’m pleased to share that MsgPack.jl will soon be updated to v1.0.0.

This major version bump brings a variety of features/improvements (many of which are inspired by @quinnj’s awesome JSON3.jl!):

  • overloadable pre-(de)serialization transformations (see from_msgpack and to_msgpack)
  • automatic type construction/destruction (see msgpack_type, ImmutableStructType, and MutableStructType)
  • some basic immutable “views” over MsgPack-formatted byte buffers (see ArrayView, MapView).

I’m sure there are still plenty of areas for performance improvements, avoiding dynamic dispatches, better string/symbol handling, etc. PRs and issues welcome!

While this is a major version bump due to drastic changes in the internals, I’ve tried to avoid actually breaking MsgPack’s existing API; please open an issue if you experience breakage.