[ANN] MarkableIntegers.jl



MarkableIntegers allow elements (integer values) of a sequence, mesh, voxel image, or time series to be distinguished. Any one or more of the constituent numbers may be noted with a mark (a re-find-able tag). Marking one value does not mean that all other occurances of that value become marked. You may choose to mark some, all or none of the other occurances.

You may be seeking to identify regions within the dataform or datastream that are of some greater interest. Often this requires preliminary identification, contextual refinement, and revisiting. There are well-know methods to manage this sort of incremental refinement. All lean on ancillary structures and dynamic update.

MarkableIntegers bring the ability to provide informed data and then to refine an algorithmic focus directly. For some applications, this suffices. For others, intelligent use of ancillary data structures and dynamic updating therewith is the proper complement to markable integers.

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