[ANN] ManoptExamples.jl – Optimization Tasks on Manifolds

With both Manifolds.jl and Manopt.jl being relatively stable by now, we decided to start a package that focuses on providing easy access to example problems.

ManoptExamples.jl is a (for now early stage, young) package that aims to provide two things

  1. efficiently implemented optimisation tasks on manifolds, that is, based on a general manifold or just one very specific manifold

    • a cost function
    • a gradient
    • maybe a hessian or proximal maps or constraints

    mplemented in an efficiet and easily accessible way, so especially with documented constructors and recommended solvers. This should also include test coverage.

  2. For each of these examples a describtive / explaining example in a markdown file, that is rendered into the documentation using Quarto. For a first example, which also explains this approach itself a little more see The Riemannian Center of Mass.

Feel free to open issues for ideas of examples to include, tutorials to write or any other Manifold Optimisation related ideas :slight_smile: