[Ann] Makie v0.19.5 and new blogpost

Exciting updates from the Makie universe!:tada:
Check out the latest blogpost to learn about the Makie@0.19.5 release, exciting developments in the Makie community and what came out off MakieCon!

A few teasers (more content in the blogpost):

Makie is now the most starred Julia plotting library

Datashader in Makie - visualize massive data sets

Added contour labels #2496



using CairoMakie; CairoMakie.activate!(type=:png)
using TidierPlots, PalmerPenguins, DataFrames
penguins = dropmissing(DataFrame(PalmerPenguins.load()))
(@ggplot(penguins, aes(x = bill_length_mm, y = bill_depth_mm, color = species)) +
    @geom_point() +
    @geom_smooth(method = "lm") +
    @labs(x = "Bill Length (mm)", y = "Bill Width (mm)",
        title = "Bill Length vs. Bill Width",
        subtitle = "Using geom_point and geom_smooth")) |> draw_ggplot

Read the blogpost for the full list of announcements, more details and proper attribution :slight_smile: