[ANN] LocalRegistry 0.4

LocalRegistry lets you create and maintain local registries for Julia packages.

Version 0.4.0 is a breaking release.

Breaking Changes

  • The push keyword argument to register now defaults to true.

  • The registry argument to register is now a keyword argument
    instead of a positional argument.

New Features

  • The registry argument to register can be omitted also for new
    packages if you have exactly one registry installed beside

  • If you have an activated package, either by julia --project or
    Pkg.activate(), you can just use register() without arguments.

Summary for New Users

To create a new registry:

using LocalRegistry
create_registry(name, repository_url)

To register a new package or a new version of an existing package:

using LocalRegistry

This assumes that the package is developed and that Project.toml is
updated with a new version number. See the README and the docstrings for details.