[ANN] LinearFitXYerrors.jl : least squares fitting of straight lines with correlated errors

LinearFitXYerrors.jl is a small Julia package, based on York et al. (2004) with a few additions, to perform 1D linear fitting of experimental data with errors in both X and Y variables.

The README.md file provides details and all the examples shown can be copied from the examples folder.

While care was taken to try making sure the code produces results consistent with a number of published material, in particular with LsqFit.jl (when applicable), some advanced statistics topics involved are beyond my expertise, this is also the case with git and Julia…

The objective was to learn how to publish a package via Github while implementing York’s technique in Julia.
Consider it to be work in progress.

Feedback is welcome.
Thank you.

Example 0: Altman and Gardner (1988)

Example 1: York (1966) and Cantrell (2008)

Example 2: Amen (2012)

Example 3: Mahon (1996)