[ANN] Kinetic.jl: advection-diffusion physics with SciML

Hi there!

I would like to announce the Kinetic.jl , a portable finite volume toolbox for advection-diffusion type equations and scientific machine learning. It is interested in theoretical and numerical studies of many-particle systems of gases, photons, plasmas, neutrons, etc. The finite volume method (FVM) is implemented via arrays of structs (AoS). Any advection-diffusion-type equation can be solved within the framework. Special attentions have been on the Boltzmann equation (with discrete velocity and particle methods) and its asymptotic limits (Euler, Navier-Stokes, etc).

This project was initiated only for my own research, so I didn’t advertise it at the beginning. Since it becomes a rather all-sided toolbox, I’d like to introduce the current version (0.7.0) here. Anyone who is interested in applied mathematics or computational physics is welcomed to give it a try! We welcome any kind of communication and cooperation : )

The codebase is still in rapid development. Future goals include:

  • support more physical models
  • improve the GPU parallelization



Awesome to see it released! I saw the paper awhile back:

Exciting stuff.

Also put one example in the paper here (KitML.jl/relaxation.jl at main · vavrines/KitML.jl · GitHub)
for anyone who is interested :blush: