ANN: julia_project, for managing a Julia project inside a Python package

I made julia_project available.

This package provides the class JuliaProject for managing a Julia project that lives inside a Python package and is accessed via pyjulia (the Python module “julia”).

It is not much more than a quick hack. But, I needed something.

This is meant to make it as easy as possible for someone to try out a Python package that uses Julia without having to learn anything about Julia. It succeeds partially. I think it’s good to separate this kind of thing from pyjulia and juliacall. In a lot of orgs, there are a lot of people who love Python for technical computing, and are lukewarm about, or don’t have the time for, Julia.

julia_project is for building packages that don’t require learning anything about Julia up front.


Agreed. As it happens I’m in the process of factoring out the Conda/Python package management part of PythonCall into a separate package, so you can declaratively declare Conda dependencies for your Julia package.

The plan is then to do the analogous thing to factor out the Julia management part of JuliaCall.