[ANN] JSON3.jl - Yet another JSON package for Julia

Something new in this regard, please? How to write a matrix correctly? Thx

If you structure is mutable, you can use reshape:

julia> mutable struct A

julia> using StructTypes

julia> StructTypes.StructType(::Type{A}) = StructTypes.Struct()

julia> using JSON3

julia> a = A(rand(3,3))

julia> s = JSON3.write(a)

julia> sread = JSON3.read(s,A)

julia> sread.x = reshape(sread.x,3,3)
3×3 Array{Any,2}:
 0.89818   0.503697  0.0568256
 0.424703  0.505502  0.570105
 0.385958  0.721714  0.46072

If the structure is not mutable, then what I do is to reshape the vectors read saving them in new arrays, and then I initialize a new structure with the data reshaped.

Thanks @leandromartinez98 for the tips, but I’d rather adjust the structure attribute of Matrix to Vector (structure is immutable).
Now I have a question how to write/read Dates.Period?

mutable struct Foo
JSON3.StructType(::Type{<:Foo}) = JSON3.Struct()
JSON3.StructType(::Type{<:Period}) = JSON3.StringType()

str = JSON3.write(Foo(Second(3600)))
"{\"samplingPeriod\":\"3600 seconds\"}"

o = JSON3.read(str, Foo)
ERROR: MethodError: no method matching Period(::String)

Do I have to overload the Period method or is there a more elegant way? Any experience? Thanks.

I am having an issue when serializing If someone can help on this regards: